Tuja Terms and Conditions

We adhere to the highest standards of customer service and make every effort to represent only the finest and most dependable travel companies worldwide. However, Tuja Travel (Tuja) acts only as agent for cruise lines, airlines, tour operators, rental car companies, hotels, motels, resorts, charter airlines, railroad companies, ground transportation companies, and other travel-related companies, and is not responsible for acts or omissions of these third party providers. Tuja is not responsible for third party failure to perform, breach of contract, or any action or inaction, intentional or negligent, which results in any loss, injury, delay or damage to you or your property or to anyone traveling with you, or to the property of that party. Tuja cannot and does not guarantee third party provider reservations, timeliness, employee conduct, or the performance of scheduled flights, cruises or tours, or the availability of airline seats, hotel rooms or rental cars. Most third party providers reserve the right to alter their terms and conditions at any time, and Tuja has no control whatsoever over such alterations. Airlines may add a fuel surcharge or other fee after an air ticket has been booked but prior to final payment. Once final payment for an air ticket has been made, only government-imposed taxes or fees may be added. Guests acknowledge that upon receipt of fare by third party provider, provider accepts the passenger subject to the terms of the provider contract. You acknowledge and agree that Tuja's liability to you for damages incurred by you or anyone else from loss or damage to property or from bodily injury or death or otherwise is limited to the gross amount paid by you to Tuja, and that Tuja shall not be liable to you for any special, consequential and/or punitive damages resulting from either Tuja's or a third-party's negligence, gross negligence, breach of contract, fraud, or any other cause whatsoever. You also agree to waive any claims for damages which you otherwise might be entitled to assert against Tuja for damage to or loss of property or for death or bodily injury when the damages are covered by insurance, and further agree that no insurance company or any other third party shall ever become entitled to assert any claim you have against Tuja, by subrogation, assignment, or otherwise.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in all contingencies and disputes.

All customers are advised to pay by credit card, strictly for their own protection, in the event of default of third party providers. Customers paying by check, cash or money order are hereby advised that Tuja accepts no financial responsibility in the event of the default of third party providers.

To ensure the quality of the service we provide, all calls to and from Tuja Travel may be monitored and will be recorded.

Thank you! We sincerely appreciate your business, and hope to be of service for many years to come!