For our ultimate honeymoon adventure, we offer you three weeks in paradise(s)!  Start in a smaller island on Fiji to explore the seas, sands, and lush natural forests.  After a few days, you can head to the main island to get an idea of the culture... from abandoned forts, to huge fish markets, and of course, sun, sea, and fun!  Take a few days on the main island before heading to Moorea, the heart shaped island next to Tahiti (we made it that way for you).  Enjoy a bungalow on the beach while you track wild spinning dolphins (or whales, if you go in season), see a natural bay for stingrays and sharks, and smell the Tahitian vanilla grown locally!  At the end of your trip, spend a few relaxing days in an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora.  You'll have a view of the island as you sit on the reef, and you'll enjoy the ultimate in relaxation before heading home.