Why book with us?


- Personal experience: We have visited over 90 countries among our employees. This gives our clients a superior starting point when planning their travels, as they can rely on us to have done the research and experienced the sites firsthand.

- Booking experience: We have booked over 30 trips with complex itineraries for clients and all have had very positive experiences.


- Sounding board: At the very least, we are able to review itineraries for clients to help them make sure they’ve gotten the best value for their trips.

- Matching & Beating: After reviewing others’ itineraries, we’ll see if we can match or beat it.

- No Minimum Group Size: Our competitors quote based on a set number of people attending the trip, so when that number changes, the price will usually rise. We quote the same rate if there are 4 people or 40.

- Max First Price: Our initial quote is the absolute maximum you’ll have to pay. From there, if we negotiate even better deals, we will share the savings with our clients!

Fewer worries:

- Visa Requirements: As a part of the proposal for our clients, we will advise them on any visa requirements and in some cases, we are able to provide visa services.

- Immunizations: If any immunizations are necessary, we will advise you on what you need and by what dates.